Little People, Big World: Return Date, New Cast Member Announced!

Some famous and beloved Little People are about to welcome a fresh face into their very Big World.

On Wednesday morning, TLC announced the season premiere date for this long-running favorite, with Matt Roloff not only confirming the day on which his family would return to the small screen…

… but also confirming the presence of a new cast member.

“Well! it’s official!! The waiting is almost over,” wrote Matt as a caption to the photo above, adding:

“All the new episodes of #lpbw that we’ve been working on the past 6 months will now Air in just over a month March 31st 2020 is the date little people big world will return. Catch up on everything that’s been happening in the roloff clan!”

He then concluded with this intriguing note:

“On #TLC with @carynchandler1 on the show …You’re in for some good tv!!”

Chandler, of course, is Matt’s girlfriend of many years.

She has appeared on the program before, but it sounds as if she’ll play a far more prominent role in 2020.

Does this mean Caryn and Matt are about to get engaged? Will she actually become part of the family, and not simply go on family vacations to Disneyland?

Perhaps, but no such agreement to marry will take place on the season itself, considering episodes have already wrapped.

However, People Magazine has posted an exclusive preview of scenes to come — and Matt makes his intentions as clear as possible in this trailer.

“My goal is eventually to get married to Caryn,” Matt says about Caryn, who tells him later on: “I’m here for the long haul.”

After 28 years of marriage and four kids together, the couple divorced in May of 2016.

Amy is now engaged to Chris Marek … but she and her ex-husband are still dealing with the ramifications of their split, on both a personal and professional level.

“Right now, Matt and I are doing the best we can when it comes to family things,” says Amy at one point in this promo, explaining:

“It’s not easy, but I know both Matt and I are determined to make it work well post-divorce because this is family.”

Chandler, who presence will obviously be increased on the new season, also acknowledges the situation in this video.

“I think we’re all trying to overcome whatever stuff we have because we’re going to be together,” she says.

“It’s always going to probably be a little bit awkward no matter what we do, but it’s getting better and we just roll with the punches.”

According to a TLC press release, “a season of change” is coming up for the Roloffs, “from a pregnancy to farm renovations to a new house and everything in between.”

We already know that Amy sells most of her property on the farm to Matt, who actually may end up leaving himself down the line.

Elsewhere on the season ahead, Tori and Zach will learn they’re expecting a second child, who we all met in mid-November when little Lilah was born. (Seriously, these episodes were filmed a long time ago.)

But it still ought to be exciting to watch this couple discover the news for the first time.

Look for plenty of excitement this spring, but plenty of changes, too.

“Everything has changed on the farm,” says Amy in the trailer.

“Family that I thought would be forever is different now. The future is unknown.”

For the Roloffs, yes.

But for fans and viewers? 

At least the future of this great show is now known for certain.

It remains to be seen how many more seasons the Roloffs will be with us.

But for now, ratings have held steady, as viewers remain thoroughly invested in the lives of the LPBW clan.

As Amy says, the future is uncertain.

However, it seems the Roloffs can continue to rely on the support of their intensely loyal fan base.